Saturday, 4 June 2011

Lincoln Degree Shows 2011

If you're near Steep Hill you should (obviously visit our shop!...and then) pop along to the Illustration Degree Show at Chad Varah House which is just around the corner on Wordsworth Street. There is a fantastically diverse range of illustration style on show, including 2d and 3D. The show opened on 4th June and runs until 17th June. See a selection of work here. The Conservation & Restoration exhibition is also in the same building and is worth a look as they have been working on some amazingly old and beautiful objects for their final projects. I took these photos of some of the paintings and prints that are hung in the corridors of Chad Varah, from the art college's collection. The print in the middle is of the town of Beverley but unfortunately I forgot to take down the artist's name.

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